Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Post Where Ellen & Portia Try to Interview Eden & Tamara

So, here are the burning questions we came up with to ask Eden & Tamara! Will we succeed in scoring an interview with the Dynamic Duo? Well, considering that we're not savvy tv journalists or hip soap opera insiders, just two maniacal fans wanting to know more about their favorite gals, we think -- probably not.

Add to that the fact that the ever elusive, internet-free Tamara Braun is probably still blissfully unaware of our existence, we think our chances of a response are slim and none.

But will that stop us from trying? Hell no! We're as plucky as any other animated characters out there in the world fighting for truth, justice and a little respect for the Best. Soap. Couple. Ever.


1) Eden, is filming a scene where a guy, who's supposed to be your brother-in-law, is all up in your junk delivering your baby in the wreckage of a tornado, as awkward as shooting a steamy sex scene with a guy you hardly know or barely like? Wait, have you ever filmed a steamy sex scene with a guy, – ever? Do you think the one steamy sex scene you got with Reese actually counts as steamy considering she was wearing a turtle neck?

2) Eden, now that you've given birth to two fictional children, what would you say is the toughest part about fictional motherhood?

3) Eden, Canadians do it better. Yay or nay?


1) Tamara, did you attempt to meet any neurotic, sexually confused, angry, bi-sexual lesbians that you could interview in preparation for your role as Reese? Where do those women hang out? (We want to avoid them at all costs.)

2) Tamara, can you explain the physics behind falling at the perfect angle to hit a glass decantor with your face, thus causing said decanter to shatter and cause both literal and metaphorical blindness?

3) Tamara, in a fight between Sonny Corinthos and Zach Slater, who would pull out the measuring stick first? And by measuring stick we really mean a measuring stick.


1) Who is your favorite Disney Princess, and why?

2) If Bianca and Reese had had a Jewish wedding, could they have avoided all the subsequent heartache? After all, if Reese had downed a bottle of Manischewitz the night before, as apposed to a bottle of Scotch, the only thing she would have made out with is a bagel with schmeer.

3) We understand that the Emmy Award, which each of you are now the proud recipients of, stands 15.5 inches (39 cm) tall with a base diameter of 7.5 inches (19 cm) and weights 88 oz (5.5 pounds or 2.5 kg). Do you ever wonder what potential injuries might be inflicted if someone hurled an Emmy statue in the general direction of a pirate-shirted producer/head writer? We only ask because we wonder about it obsessively.

4) In your final appearance on AMC when you reconcile, was this simply a heartfelt reunion hug between Bianca and Reese, or was it in fact Tamara crying tears of joy and relief because Eden promised she'd finally take her away from the bad man?

5) Do you ever brag to your other actor friends about how your combined hotness has caused massive numbers of heterosexual women to turn in their "straight cards"?

6) Follow up -- Has AfterEllen ever contacted you in regards to naming an award in your honor?

7) As profoundly frakked up as the Bianca and Reese storyline became, did you remain thankful that the physical relationship between the characters was never limited to baking cookies and holding hands in church?

and our final question:

8) We know that you both have legions of devoted, loving, faithful fans - have any of them ever done anything that compares to the utter absurdity of PRATT FALLS?


Monday, October 26, 2009

No one suspects the butterfly.

As so often happens with us -- we were totally concentrated on one thing -- our "It Was My Fault" Fiasco Derby, when we were completely distracted by a random thought.

Being the creative types that we are, we had to follow the random thought, because random almost always leads to adventure, and we are nothing if not adventurous. Or foolhardy, or suffering from ADD. It all depends on your point of view.

We were discussing our excitement surrounding Reese's imminent arrival in Pine Valley. Which of course led to an expository treatise regarding Miranda's Halloween Costume in the 10/30 episode. We were perplexed -- why is Miranda not all decked out as a Disney Princess? She is the perfect age for Princess-Wear and AMC is on ABC and ABC is wholly owned and operated by the Mouse, so why no tiara for our favorite tyke? So not fair.

The conversation went something like this:

PORTIA: I'm guessing Miranda has multiple Halloween Costumes. One for school. One for the obligatory kids Halloween Party and one for actual Trick-or-Treating purposes.

ELLEN: And one for wearing on an airplane across the Atlantic Ocean.

PORTIA: I suppose it was necessary to have a costume for Miranda in which she had a mask that obscured her face, otherwise how do you justify Bianca not recognizing her own daughter?

ELLEN: Too bad. Seeing Miranda dressed up as a Disney Princess would have been adorable.

PORTIA: Which princess do you think Mimo would have chosen?

ELLEN: I think we can eliminate the obvious contenders: Cinderella & Snow White. Those would have been logical choices when she was younger, but Miranda is too savvy and independent to continue to emulate such weak role models. Adorable as they may be.

PORTIA: Interesting. I think she might go for Jasmine. Jasmine is smart, sassy and the costume is a little bit sexy and, bonus! looks like it would still be comfortable even after consuming your own weight in chocolate.

ELLEN: Pocahontas is out because, even though she was a bona fide Princess, albeit Native American style, part of the Princess appeal is unfettered wealth, conspicuous consumption and pretty shoes.

PORTIA: Good point.

ELLEN: Sleeping Beauty has good hair and the dress is nice, but she's asleep for the better part of the movie --

PORTIA: -- and the whole "Kendall in a Coma" - Sleeping Beauty metaphor is going to quickly become overplayed, so that's not an option.

ELLEN: Now, Mulan is a possible choice. I can totally see Bianca & Reese being ultra PC and supporting Mimo in "color blind casting."

PORTIA: Wow, you've given this a lot of thought, haven't you?

ELLEN: Please! Is there anything I love more then Disney? No. I still watch Beauty and the Beast regularly. (Don't judge!)

PORTIA: Well, as long as we're revealing deep dark secrets, I suppose now is as good a time as any to admit to owning every piece of Little Mermaid paraphernalia in existence.

ELLEN: Ariel comes in a close second. But Belle and I are the same person (minus the animation, anorexia, French village, brawny but dangerous stalker, dancing candelabra and beastly love interest). As a kid my brain told me: we both are brunette (despite what my current animated self looks like), we both have a massive book obsession, and we both have quirky but lovable fathers. See? Obviously the similarities do not end. But the best thing about Belle is she has an Angela Lansbury tea pot. I'm jealous.

PORTIA: That's funny, because I adore Ariel precisely because we are complete opposites. For one thing, she has good hair. I sometimes weep when I dream of the life I could have had if I'd just been born with good hair. And a chest that could fill that seashell bra.

ELLEN: Ariel's got a lot going for her.

PORTIA: The only draw back I can see is that her hunky boyfriend has a slobbery dog.

ELLEN: Obviously Belle & Ariel are the best Disney Princesses because they had the best composer/lyricists - Alan Menken and Howard Ashman. They were golden.

PORTIA: Absolutely. They were gods. RIP Howard Ashman. The world is less shiny without you in it.....

ELLEN: I wonder who Eden Riegel's favorite Disney Princess is?

Extended pause as we each take several sips of red wine.

PORTIA: Eden Riegel IS a Disney Princess! A living, breathing, singing, dancing, sugar coated, dipped in sunshine and rainbows, authentic, 100% genuine Disney Princess.

ELLEN: OMG! You are right. You are undeniably right. How else could Eden make Saint Bianca so believable and lovable and charming, and do it in such a way that you
don't want to see her bludgeoned to death with a fairy wand? Eden possesses infinite quantities of Disney Princess Magic that renders her untouchable.

PORTIA: Tamara Braun touches her. Thank god.

ELLEN: No, I mean -- untouchable, as in "cannot be harmed."

PORTIA: But what about Pratt? He threw her under a bus!!

ELLEN: Yes! But what happened? Two animated characters suddenly appeared out of nowhere and saved her starry ass.

PORTIA: Good point.

ELLEN: Ha! She pretends to be just an ordinary, every day, emmy award winning actress.

PORTIA: We should have known. How did we not know?

ELLEN: She must use her magical powers to disguise her deep inner princessabilities.

PORTIA: So that the common people are not overwhelmed by her awesomeness.

ELLEN: No one suspects the butterfly.

PORTIA: But because we're animated, her true self was revealed to us.

ELLEN: Still, I'd love to know who her favorite princess is.

PORTIA: Let's ask her.

ELLEN: Say what?

PORTIA: Sure, why not? Let's tweet her and ask her who her favorite Disney Princess is. Who knows, she might respond. She owes us one.

ELLEN: Well, we can't just ask her THAT. If we're going to try to contact her, we might as well ask her all the things we really want to know.

PORTIA: And Tamara, too! We have to have questions for Tamara!

ELLEN: OK. Let's get on it.


So, that's how the conversation went. We'll share our interview questions next. Then we'll wait to see what kind of response we get!

We're so excited. Are you?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

AMC: Pratt Falls * Fiasco Derby * Oct 23, 2008


Thus begins Bianca's milk drinking marathon. Pay close attention to all subsequent scenes involving adult characters having a drink. Poor Bianca is always offered milk. Apparently women who are breastfeeding can't drink anything but milk. Water is a no. Juice is a no. It's all about the dairy. No wonder Bianca goes crazy in the end. Mad Cow Disease.

This episode is a continuation of the "father/daddy/papa" freak show. Another tornado hits and in an attempt to comfort her very calm, well behaved, sound asleep newborn, Bianca coos "We're okay, your Daddy's okay, and your Aunty Kendall will be okay too." Your Other Mom, the Amazing Reese, and Big Sis Miranda -- well, apparently Bianca's not too concerned if they're okay right now or not. GrrrrArrrgghhh.

Did anyone besides Portia think Bianca looked like Edith Ann in that enormous rocking chair?

Moving on-- We get to see Bianca faint. And she faints because --gee, maybe because the absurdity of Kendall undergoing brain surgery by flashlight just registered and because, she's a Kane. They're prone to head injury and fainting spells. No need to worry. They also have Wolverine-esque healing powers.

Time to briefly reiterate once again how repetitively wonderful Reese is for Greenlee's benefit. The Reese List: she's pretty cool, she's amazing, she's a great architect, she's a great Mom to Miranda. When is Bianca going to get around to mentioning that Reese is smoking HOT?

Greenlee, the shrewdest lady in Pine Valley, quickly figures out that Baby Binks is half Cambias spawn. Her reaction is priceless. Obviously Greens has been hanging out with Ryan for too long, because she has totally mastered his signature look. Her face is a study in confusion and horror. And then Greenlee asks what fans everywhere are dying to know: "When? How?"

She is obviously thinking, "Zach and Lesbianca totally did the nasty!" Because of course this is the only way to make babies. Then Bianca forbids Greenlee from sharing this information, which is the equivalent of posting the news on twitter, Facebook and MySpace. Simultaneously.

Let's have a quick look:

Friday, October 23, 2009

AMC: Pratt Falls * Fiasco Derby * Oct 22, 2008

We know we're a few days behind schedule. Please accept our apologies. Sometimes real life intrudes on our virtual lives in the most inconvenient ways. Without further ado...

Whose Your Daddy?

Remember the October 21st episode where Bianca mentions Miranda's tumultuous birth? Apparently she forgets all about it, because as soon as a helicopter appears, she serenely looks up and says, "Oh my God. A helicopter." The last time Bianca was on a helicopter with her newborn, it crashed, and her baby was stolen. But, no big deal. Therapy heals all. Helicopters are fun! We love helicopters! Pratt Fail. Continuity fail. History fail. FAIL.

Is it just us, or does Bianca pathologically repeat her absolute belief that everything and everybody will be okay because "it has to be." It seems Pratt believes repetition = continuity. Listen, there are no more ardent supporters of Bianca Montgomery than the two of us, but even we don't believe Binks can conjure a miracle big enough to rescue this storyline. And why do we need multiple reminders that "Kendall hates secrets"? Y'know what else she might hate? Her husband's sperm taking up residence in her lesbian sister.

That being said -- Who else loved the Kinks flashback? Raise your hands! The sisters Kane provide some of the best AMC moments of the last decade. Kendall has risked everything for Bianca over the years: fake pregnancy, murder charges, close encounters with the Zarf kind. So it seems only fair that Bianca would keep her new "risky" pregnancy secret, right? Or not. Of course, Kendall ruins the sisterly reunion with her overly enthusiastic question about the baby's father.

What is wrong with the writers on this show? It's one thing to ask about a donor, but the FATHER? There is no father. Bianca's entire personage is a NO-PENIS-ZONE and Kendall knows this. Does anybody refer to Michael Cambias as Miranda's "father"? Are we the only ones having Daddy Issues with this story?

Someday Gabby is going to experience a terrible Star Wars moment.
Zach: Gabrielle, I am your father.
Gabby: No, that's impossible!
Binks: We were drunk!!!
Reese: It was MY fault.

Clearly, we have a few points of contention regarding this episode. So, let us warn you now -- to keep our heads from exploding, we've re-imagined the story of Gabby's birth. We felt these slight changes were necessary in order to justify Bianca's calm reaction to the approaching helicopter. (Hint: Bianca thinks that helicopter is us coming to rescue her.) Unfortunately we can't think of any way to justify Zach being the Baby Daddy or Bianca keeping it a secret from Kendall. Some Pratt Fails are just too enormous to fix.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

AMC: Pratt Falls * Fiasco Derby * Oct 21, 2008


Lest anyone accuse us of being raging bitches, we are not afraid to call out good writing. The beginning of this episode filled us with hope. Bianca, in labor, looking with fear and trepidation at the clouds, actually recalls an event in her past. Or, let us make that more clear, the writers actually remembered an event in Bianca's past! Yes, Gabby's birth bears certain similarities to Miranda's arrival into the cruel Pine Valley world. Five points Gryffindor for actually giving us, your greedy audience, some continuity and historical background. Of course all of this joy will turn to shit in the next episode, but more on that later.

PORTIA: Watching actresses "give birth" on TV makes me extremely uncomfortable. Just thought I should share that with the universe.

ELLEN: Only Saint Bianca would ask for forgiveness during labor. Seriously, the woman is in excruciating pain, and she looks up with those puppy dog eyes and says, "Zach, can you forgive me for stealing your sperm, getting myself knocked up, and then not speaking to any of my dearest, darlingest family for 7 whole months?" What's a guy like Zach to do? He melts under the Bianca Montgomery charm.

PORTIA: I'm thinking Bianca's "Are you angry with me?" + "I'm so sorry" = another point in her "It Was My Fault" column!

ELLEN: Bianca - 2; World - 0

Most Questionable line of the episode: "No one needs to know. Just you, me and Kendall." Not Reese. No, she doesn't need to know. She thinks Gabby is 50% Kane and 50% rainbows. Unfortunately, the little tyke may be the antichrist, but Reese really doesn't need to know that either. Hell, neither does Erica.

Let's review the "What We Know About Reese" List:
a) She's so amazing (again)
b) She's been so supportive
c) She was the sweetest,
d) most wonderful person.
e) Bianca "really" loves her
f) She's "the real thing" --

PORTIA: As apposed to Zarf who was -- oh, never mind.
ELLEN: Oh gawd, where's the bucket?

Best Lines of the Episode: ( perhaps of the entire Bianca/Reese story arc):
Zach: Have I told you lately how much I adore you?
Bianca: Y'know romancing the lesbian while she's in labor isn't going to help anything.
Zach: That's a good point.

Okay folks, prepare yourselves. We need to talk about the actual birthing scene.

PORTIA: Zach looks like he's watching the greatest Red Wings game ever.
ELLEN: Unfortunately, the game is taking place between Bianca's legs. Did she wedge a TV up there?

This was a graphic birth. Obviously they didn't SHOW anything, but Holy Cannoli, did we hear the details. Zach had to get up in Bianca's "No Penis Zone" and push the baby, and then lift up the umbilical cord. We freely admit to feeling complete solidarity with Zach when Bianca told him he had to push the baby's head back and he squeamishly asked: "I gotta what?!?"

<<insert full body shudder here>> Thank god no one has ever had to rely on either one of us to deliver anything more important than a pizza.

PORTIA: Wouldn't you love to see the Props List for this episode?
1 blanket
1 large pot for boiling water
1 newborn infant, semi-bloody, preferably female

So the baby is born in the midst of a tornado and Zach...lifts it high into the air. There's a lot of lightening. This is no time for the Lion King. Or maybe, it's always a good time for the Lion King? Regardless, Gabby's tears are only the beginning. She weeps for the future. She weeps for her DNA. She weeps for Eden Riegel.

Well, watch and tell us what you think!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

AMC: Pratt Falls * Fiasco Derby * Oct 20, 2008

Friends, Fans and Friends who are Fans,

Welcome to the 2008/2009 Fiasco Derby! We hope you'll join us for the duration of this wild and wacky re-watch, and in honor of the one-year anniversary of Eden Riegel's return, we have put together a newly edited version of the October 20, 2008 episode. We're working hard to provide excellent commentary, wit and snark with each subsequent episode, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, here is a list of supplies you'll need for our Fiasco Derby:

1 Pencil and/or Pen + paper - you'll want to keep track of each "Pratt Fail" (don't worry, you can't miss them!)
1 Earplugs - sometimes the dialogue gets scary
1 oversize bowl - for vomit/tears
32 boxes of kleenex (see above)
1 straw, preferably the swirly plastic Disney kind
1 bottle of your favorite booze -we suggest skipping the beer and coolers, head straight for the hard stuff. This ain't your grandma's All My Children - no matter how badly we wish it was.
1 phone - So you can call 911 when, five minutes into the first episode, your liver explodes.

Never fear, gentle fans, we will warn you before atrocious dialogue, or scenes of terror and character assassination appear. Remember, drink hard, and drink often.

Hold onto your hats, bad weather coming through...

Ellen & Portia

The 2008/2009 Fiasco Derby has been brought to you by: Wild Turkey, Kentucky's Finest Bourbon, Crown Royal, Fine Canadian Whiskey and the letter "S", which stands for SHIT and STORM (go figure!)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Ready for a Walk down Memory Lane?

Dear fans and friends of PRATT FALLS, we invite you to join us for the

"It Was My Fault"
Fiasco Derby

With the help of the numerous fans who re-capped, re-uploaded, and re-evaluated their lives during the brief bittersweet months of Bianca & Reese's story, we will boldly go where Breese Nation has obsessively gone before.

We hope you'll join us as we over-analyze, hyper-critique, ridicule, praise, bemoan, bitch and celebrate the wondrous and frustrating relationship that was Breese.

Our goal is to re-watch every YouTube clip of Bianca & Reese from Binks' first appearance on October 20, 2008 all the way through to the bitter end ... or until we just can't take it anymore, and we collapse in a fetal position weeping on the floor. Whichever comes first.

Count along as we document the number of times Bianca and/or Reese proclaim some variation of "It was my fault." Who knew when Pratt took over as Producer/Head Writer that his strategy for success would hinge on blaming his failures on others?

Storyline not working? Characters acting uncharacteristically? Plots full of holes? Don't fault the writers! Let Bianca & Reese take the blame. A solution which has a bonus -- it means neither Ryan nor Zach have to apologize for their asinine, douche-bag behavior, ever!

Yes, that tornado Pratt brought us last October was just a thinly veiled metaphor to let us loyal AMC fans know that the winds of change were coming. And, as is so often the case with tornadoes, the force of that wind has caused seemingly trivial things to become deadly projectiles.

Drop by tomorrow and join the fun! We'll save a seat on the couch for you.

Ellen & Portia

Friday, October 16, 2009

O Kendall, My Kendall

Just to prove what frolicking fun gals we are -- we took the Walt Whitman Challenge! (Who says we don't know how to have fun on a Friday night?) Feel free to play along, drop a stanza in the comments. We're sure Walt would approve.

O Kendall! My Kendall!
by Ellen & Portia

O Kendall! My Kendall! Your tearful eyes have run;
You once could weather any crack, The days with Zach are done;
But now I hear, with Ryan near, Your glory days are dying,
While Binks left town with Reese around, Mama Kane has stopped trying:
But O Hart! Hart! Hart!
O the character is dead,
Where pod Kendall Hart lies crying,
Grief sex in her bed.

O Kendall! my Kendall! rise up and hear your phone;
Rise up--for you the blackberry does buzz and moan;
For you the fans do weep and mourn -- for you the boards a-crowding;
For you they call, the swaying mass, their eager faces frowning;
Here Kendall, dear sister!
Have you fallen on your head?
Was that coma so sinister?
Is the real Kendall cold and dead?

And, the real poem:
O Captain! My Captain!
by Walt Whitman

O CAPTAIN! my Captain! our fearful trip is done;
The ship has weather’d every rack, the prize we sought is won;
The port is near, the bells I hear, the people all exulting,
While follow eyes the steady keel, the vessel grim and daring:
But O heart! heart! heart!
O the bleeding drops of red,
Where on the deck my Captain lies,
Fallen cold and dead.

O Captain! my Captain! rise up and hear the bells;
Rise up—for you the flag is flung—for you the bugle trills;
For you bouquets and ribbon’d wreaths—for you the shores a-crowding;
For you they call, the swaying mass, their eager faces turning;
Here Captain! dear father!
This arm beneath your head;
It is some dream that on the deck,
You’ve fallen cold and dead.

You can find the rest of the poem here if you want to play along! ;)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Reese, Sitting Pretty

Remember the episode when Bianca is writing a letter to Santa Claus and Reese says she wants Santa to bring her the "way cool Barcelona Chair"? Of course we're obsessive enough to have Googled that immediately (and we know you probably did too), but in case you didn't, here it is:

You can order one from a company called Knoll.
They only cost $4328. Poor Reese didn't get her chair, she got an engagement ring instead. Which we always thought was a little unfair, because we're sure Bianca got a great and absurdly expensive Christmas present even though Reese had just given her a big, fat, gorgeous diamond ring from Milan.

So, we're thinking that this Christmas Bianca should finally get Reese the chair she deserves -- not the Barcelona Chair -- but a chair that more accurately reflects Reese's best qualities. We suggest this chair:

Clearly Vladimir TSESLER used Tamara Braun as inspiration for this design! Wonder if it comes in a nice metallic blue?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bianca's Broadway Baby Storylines

1. Bianca & Kendall accidentally murder Ryan, flee to Austria with All Their Children, make play clothes out of curtains, Climb Every Mountain over to Switzerland, and become multi-bazillionaires as the creators of Fine Dark Fusion Chocolates.

2. Bianca & Kendall accidentally murder Ryan, escape to Berlin where they forsake their lives as caring mothers for the skeezy nightlife at the seedy Kit Kat Klub, until Bianca is rescued by Reese and Kendall is swept off her feet by Herr Schultz, a Jewish fruit vendor wearing a Red Wings Jersey.

3. Bianca & Kendall accidentally murder Ryan, escape to Greenwich Village in NYC where they move into a basement apartment on Christopher Street and begin a new life as sisters Ruth and Eileen Sherwood of Columbus, Ohio. Bianca/Eileen meets Frank/Reese the manager of the local Walgreen's and falls "A Little Bit In Love."

4. Bianca and Kendall accidentally murder Ryan, but before the can get away, Erica finds them and forces the two sisters into a life of show business. Erica wants Kendall to be a star, but after a few years of failed vaudeville gigs, Kendall hits the road with a chorus boy. Although she is devastated, Erica realizes that Bianca has what it takes to make it in the biz. Sadly, by the time Erica comes to this conclusion, vaudeville is dead and she's got to get a gimmick if they want to get ahead. This gimmick? Stripping. In a mind-blowing, ten minute display of Tony worthy effort, Bianca transforms from Kendall's shy, gay kid sister into the world's greatest stripper: Gypsy Binks Lee. Bianca loses her innocense, but gains fame and fortune while Erica can only watch from the shadows, reaching towards the distant spotlight.

5. Bianca and Kendall accidentally murder Ryan and are arrested by Jesse. They spend 19 years in prison, only to be released and skip parole, making them lifelong criminals. Finally, they obtain secret identities and become mayors of Paris, all the while Jesse Hubbard searches. When a French prostitute dies and wills her only daughter to the Sister's Kane, Binks and Kendall adopt the young pauper (who looks freakishly like an eight year old Eden Riegel and likes to sing about castles and clouds). Eventually, Jesse discovers that they really are the criminal Kanes, but a student revolution has began and no one has time to make arrests. Bianca and Kendall climb a barricade, wave a red flag, get shot, sing about getting shot, get shot again, and then die in a spectacular finale surrounded by all the characters Pratt has killed within the last 12 months.

Souvenir Programs & Commemorative T-Shirts for sale in the lobby.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Bianca's Borrowed TV & Movie Plots We'd Like to See on AMC:

1. Bianca & Kendall accidentally murder Zach, are recruited by by a secret academy for their Discipline, Energy, Beauty, and Strength and lead a life of covert crime fighting while wearing Catholic High School Uniforms with knee socks, as written and directed by Angela Robinson.

2. Bianca & Kendall accidentally murder Zach, and escape on jet ski's into open water where they are rescued by Reese, taken to the Cayman Islands to work for the Charles Townsend Agency, given stun guns and new identities as Jill, Sabrina & Kelly. Uncle Jack instructs them that henceforth he is to be called only "Bosley."

3. Bianca & Kendall accidentally murder Zach, escape to Europe where Bianca is reunited with Reese and Kendall falls madly in love with Michael Vartan Vaughn. They each take on many different aliases, searching for cryptic algorithms, protein engineering schematics and mascara that doesn't run when you cry, the secrets of which are all to be found in the documents of Renaissance genius, Milo Cambius Giacomo Rambaldi.

4. Bianca and Kendall accidentally murder Zach, but before they are caught, the earth is destroyed by a humanoid race of robots. Escaping to the unknown corners of space with only a handful of Pine Valley refugees, Bianca and Kendall begin wearing two tank tops at once and fight for the survival of humans everywhere. Kendall falls in love with a mental manifestation of the murdered Zach, while Bianca spends most of her time with Reese, the hot shot pilot who seemingly dies in a confusing, Jimi Hendrix-esque, ball of fire. Distraught, Bianca can only take comfort in her half human, half Cambias daughter (who is the future of the human race). A bunch of stuff happens. Things blow up. Fire! Aliens! Frakking! Mary McDonnell! Suddenly, Reese returns only to disappear a short time later because it turns out that all along Reese was a...hell if we know. Bianca and Kendall accidentally murder the mental manifestation of Zach as the Battlestar GaErica blows up. Finally, Bianca and Kendall land in LA with little Mimo, where they breed with the locals and return thousands of years later as...hell if we know. But Reese is still wearing the double tank tops, that much we know.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Recycled & Ripped Off Plots That We'd Like to See on AMC:

We were lamenting the loss of one of our favorite AMC pairings -- Bianca & Kendall, and concurrently complaining about the lack of interesting plots. We've noticed how Pratt likes to recycle old, tired, used stories and we thought we'd play along. Here are our suggestions for Recycled & Ripped Off Plots that we'd like to see on AMC:

1. Bianca & Kendall accidentally murder Ryan, escape through the Chandler Mansion Tunnels, rescue Greenlee and, travel to Paris where they meet up with Reese & the kids, become film auteurs, living a life of privilege and luxury even though they are fugitives, while Uncle Jack pins the murder on Roman Polanski.

2. Bianca and Kendall accidentally murder Ryan and take off on a cross country road trip. Having lost access to Bianca’s trust fund, they decide to rob banks and begin a nationwide crime spree. Eventually, the law finds them and in a bloody spray of bullets, the Kane sisters meet their maker. Luckily, upon arriving at the pearly gates, Bianca discovers that God is in fact a woman and her name is “Reese.”

3. Bianca and Kendall accidentally murder Ryan, escape on the good ship Lesbos, sail the seven seas, kidnap two comely wenches named Reese and Greenlee, fight Cambias pirates, freak natural disasters and the occasional sea monster.

4. Bianca and Kendall accidentally murder Ryan, flee to a deserted island where they build a tree house with the Swiss Family Robinsons and Bianca lives in barefooted bliss with "Her Girl Reese" while Kendall organizes the Robinson Family into working a production line that manufactures coconut based cosmetics.

5. Bianca and Kendall accidentally murder Ryan and take cover as double agents for the U.S. government and infiltrate the Russian military. They run around the country in leather outfits, and seduce man and woman-kind with their fake accents and Kane powers.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ryan Lavery's Magic Penis

As all of you have heard, Rebecca Budig, aka the “real Greenlee” is returning to Pine Valley. Some of you are thrilled to have the crème fresh covered daughter of Jackson (who?) return. Others are indifferent. We have one question: Rebecca, WHY?

When last we saw Ms. Smythe, she was on a motorcycle, wearing a wedding dress, and flying towards a Connecticut church in the middle of the night/evening/soap equivalent of “it’s dark outside now.” There may have been a lesbian wedding taking place simultaneously, we’re not sure. But we do know that Greenlee had a very important message to deliver before her unfortunate, Kendall-induced, drop off a cliff. This message: OMG! Zach and Reese totally did the nasty, IN CHURCH! Thank you, Ryan Lavery, for the incredible observation.

This entire situation could have been avoided with the following:
Ryan: Greenlee, Zach and Reese were taking part in intimate relations…IN CHURCH!.
Greenlee: For serious?
Ryan: Yah. I totally saw it.
Greenlee: Were they naked?
Ryan: No.
Greenlee: Were they sober?
Ryan: Reese was shit-faced, that is for sure.
Greenlee: So…you basically made the whole sex thing up.
Ryan: Crème fresh, anyone?

Greenlee will return from her accident, looking fresh as a daisy, only to find Ryan involved with Erica Kane. We love Erica Kane. We love Susan Lucci. We really do not love Erica Kane in a relationship with her grandson’s father. Say that three times to yourself and then grab a bucket. Really, ladies of Pine Valley, what’s the appeal? Why do you insist on jumping the Lavery train every time it’s in town (choo choo).

After much deliberation, midnight chats and booze induced stupors, we have come to this conclusion: Ryan Lavery has a magical penis. His penis is equivalent to Splash Mountain at Disneyland (grab that bucket again). The ladies line up. They all want a ride. What AMC needs is men WHO ARE NOT RYAN LAVERY, and lesbians who ARE BIANCA AND REESE.

In the end, the Greenlee return is all about money. Of course! A mark, a yen, a buck, or a pound! Think about the state of television these days? Jon Gosselin just took $230, 000 from poor, impoverished Kate. Hell, we all know that Kate has millions stashed in her hair, while Jon’s fortune is safe and sound in the butt-crack of a Las Vegas stripper. But, we digress. Greenlee is back. Budig has a job, and we love us some Rebecca Budig. Pratt is still a hack.

E & P

Monday, October 5, 2009

Hello World, Welcome to Pratt Falls!

WE have decided that our lives, being the complete and utter wrecks that they are, can only be improved by adding ever more distractions and diversions. What better way to keep us from facing life's real demands than be delving deeper into the insane, alternate universes known as "All My Children" & "AMC: Pratt Falls."

WE assume that if you have arrived at this blog it is because you are already familiar with our YouTube oeuvre and know that we are minor internet celebrities and the self-proclaimed Defenders & Protectors of Eden Riegel & Tamara Braun.

IT is our sincere hope that we can offer you, the former fans of AMC, a place to come and share a laugh, feel solidarity with those who have been betrayed, and heap scorn on the asshats responsible for the destruction of our beloved characters, Bianca & Reese.

Thanks for stopping by, we'll be posting more soon. Remember -
A Fan Without Hope Is A Fan Without Fear!

Ellen & Portia