Friday, June 18, 2010

Distracted from Distraction by Distraction

Hi! We're not going to comment on Christina Bennett Lind's debut as Bianca.  Not yet anyway.  The gal needs a chance to find her feet and interact with all the other characters.  And besides, we now have more important things to worry about!  Do you follow us on Twitter? (Why the hell not? It's big fun!)

As you may have noticed on AMC recently, Bianca received a call from her lovely wife Reese, and we see on Binks' phone the caller ID.  It says "Reese".  We found this to be wholly inadequate and we tweeted about it.

The tweets went something like this:

How come when Reese calls Bianca her ID just says "Reese" ? Wouldn't it be more accurate if it said "My Smoking Hot Wife" ?

Now we're involved in rather intense speculation regarding ring tones and Caller IDs. We are not normal people, but this you already knew...

Hey @edenriegel when Tamara Braun calls you is the ringtone FEVER & does the caller ID say "The Smoking Hot Ever Elusive Internet Free TB" ?

@edenriegel & when you call TB does a Heavenly Choir + Chimes alert her that "Real Live Disney Princess ER" is on the line? Just wondering?

Well, we were very surprised and pleased when one Ms. Eden Riegel responded!

Can you believe it? We couldn't quite believe it.

So, what do you think Eden's nickname is for Tam?  We've been feverishly speculating, but haven't come up with an answer ... yet!