Saturday, December 31, 2011

Biancapalooza Countdown * New Year's Resolutions?

Question #12

for Eden & Chrissie:
What do you think Bianca's New Year's Resolutions Might Be?

(We have some ideas....)
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Friday, December 30, 2011

Biancapalooza Countdown * Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun?

Question #11

for Eden & Chrissie:

Alexa Havins as Babe

Sarah Glendening as Marissa

Seriously, we need to know -- does Bianca have a thing for twins?

 (She does! We know she does...)

Liz Hendrickson as Frankie

Liz Hendrickson as Maggie

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Biancapalooza Countdown * The Littlest Kane

Question #10

for Eden & Chrissie

Don't you think one of Bianca's greatest story-lines could have been the saga of The Long Suffering, Tortured Mother of Gabrielle, who is surely on course to become a semi-psychotic, diabolical, misunderstood, crafty, trouble-maker, sex-pot not unlike her Aunt Kendall in her early days?*

*For which, we blame Reese.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Biancapalooza Countdown * Who Shot JR?

Question #9

for Chrissie

In your opinion, who bit JR's bullet? Because according to the laws of All My Children, the least deserving person is the most likely to get shot (so, therefore, according to our calculations, Bianca is screwed).

((AND, if Bianca did get shot, did Marissa tackle JR, grab his gun and shoot his balls off?  Or does that just happen in our version of the scene?))
# # # 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Biancapalooza Countdown * Why, God, Why?!?

Question #8

for Eden & Chrissie & Dan J Kroll

WHY in the name of Agnes Nixon, did not one single writer employed by All My Children ever give us a story where Bianca is the one who is relentlessly, romantically, hopelessly pursued?


Cause, in our humble opinion, it is a glaring omission. And in case nobody besides us ever noticed *ahem* (cough cough) the 2 chicks who have played grown up Bianca are most definitely what a lot of people call "hotties."  C'mon! We're just sayin'!

Sorry for the run on sentence. Brain meltdown in progress.....

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Monday, December 26, 2011

Biancapalooza Countdown * And Binx Shall Lead Them

Question #7

for Chrissie

Out of all the characters on All My Children,
how crazy is it that the first to have a sex tape is Bianca?

# # #

Biancapalooza Countdown * Christmas Miracles

Question #6

for Eden

What was it like to be at the center of the
biggest, grandest, most emotional
Christmas Miracle Episode
in the 41 year history of
All My Children?
# # #

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Biancapalooza Countdown * Do Ask! Do Tell!

Question #5

for Eden & Chrissie
Sailors share US Navy's first official gay kiss.
"Marissa Gaeta, petty officer 2nd class of Placerville, California, is shown kissing her girlfriend Citlalic Snell,
also a naval officer, of Los Angeles, in the rain at Virginia Beach. Behind them is the USS Oak Hill,
an amphibious landing ship from which Gaeta has just disembarked after 80 days at sea.
By being selected as the crew member to make the traditional "first kiss" ashore,
Gaeta stepped off the ship and into the history books." THE GUARDIAN
When you see images like the one above
do you feel a tinge of pride knowing that
Bianca Montgomery* helped make
this moment possible?

Read full story here.

*Bianca Montgomery and all positive portrayals of LGBT characters depicted in the media. 
Though we would say there have been none more positive than Binks!

# # #

Friday, December 23, 2011

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Biancapalooza Countdown Continues.....

Question #3

for Eden & Chrissie
~ ~ ~
We consider Bianca's ability to tear up,
sniffle with pride, cry prettily,
weep with dignity and slay you
with the slightest chin quiver,
a bona fide Super Power.

Have you ever been tempted
to use this power outside the studio
to manipulate poor, unsuspecting,
defenseless humans?

# # #

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Biancapalooza Countdown

Question #2
Eden & Chrissie:
Have you ever wished you could
play with our Bianca Shrine?


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

T -30 Days & Counting

Are You As Excited As We Are?!?  
Cause we're hyperventilating!

In honor of this unprecedented event, we are doing a COUNTDOWN
in which we will reveal one question a day that we would like to ask
Eden or Chrissie, or Eden and Chrissie,
during their appearance on Soap Central Live!

(Did you know Chrissie said it was OK for us to call her Chrissie
when she was originally on Soap Central Live? Yes, that's right.
We're in with the in crowd. We're Chrissie's Best Buds!
Well ... of the animated variety, anyway.)

So ... without further ado ...

Eden & Chrissie:
Question #1:

Cake or Pie?