Saturday, December 24, 2011

Biancapalooza Countdown * Do Ask! Do Tell!

Question #5

for Eden & Chrissie
Sailors share US Navy's first official gay kiss.
"Marissa Gaeta, petty officer 2nd class of Placerville, California, is shown kissing her girlfriend Citlalic Snell,
also a naval officer, of Los Angeles, in the rain at Virginia Beach. Behind them is the USS Oak Hill,
an amphibious landing ship from which Gaeta has just disembarked after 80 days at sea.
By being selected as the crew member to make the traditional "first kiss" ashore,
Gaeta stepped off the ship and into the history books." THE GUARDIAN
When you see images like the one above
do you feel a tinge of pride knowing that
Bianca Montgomery* helped make
this moment possible?

Read full story here.

*Bianca Montgomery and all positive portrayals of LGBT characters depicted in the media. 
Though we would say there have been none more positive than Binks!

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