Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Biancapalooza Countdown * Why, God, Why?!?

Question #8

for Eden & Chrissie & Dan J Kroll

WHY in the name of Agnes Nixon, did not one single writer employed by All My Children ever give us a story where Bianca is the one who is relentlessly, romantically, hopelessly pursued?


Cause, in our humble opinion, it is a glaring omission. And in case nobody besides us ever noticed *ahem* (cough cough) the 2 chicks who have played grown up Bianca are most definitely what a lot of people call "hotties."  C'mon! We're just sayin'!

Sorry for the run on sentence. Brain meltdown in progress.....

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  1. And how come Binx never just got to get laid for the sheer fun of it? You know, out with friends, caught a woman's eye and thanks, I needed that kind of thing.