Thursday, September 9, 2010

Can You Feel The Love Tonight?

NuBianca thinks we're funny!

The make-up people hate us, but ... who cares!?!

The only bad thing about this admission on Chrissie's part -- (we feel empowered to call her Chrissie now that she's openly admitted she reads our little blog) -- if she has time to read our site, she's not getting any hefty storylines that would require her to be feverishly studying pages and pages of dialogue. 

Nope, seems she has time to surf the net during work. This is not altogether good news for us, cause we WANT MORE BIANCA. Not Bianca the Babysitter, not Bianca the Office Girl, not Bianca the Bringer of Tea. We want Bianca the Patron Saint of All that is Good in Pine Valley front and center with a story of her very own.  Of course our first choice would be a story of reconciliation between Bianca and her smoking hot wife, Reese. But at this point, we'll take what we can get.

In the meantime, we suppose we should be grateful to know NuBianca knows we exist. And she hasn't taken out a restraining order against us!  Excelsior!


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