Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Our Twitter Petition

Save Bianca & Reese's Marriage on All My Children

Gather 'round and hear us please,
A tragic tale for beloved Breese,

About a couple bright and gay,
Whose happiness was ripped away.

By a writing team without a clue,
Whatever can we fans do?

To save Bianca from this pain,

Rally round and hear our plea!
Surely we can all agree -

Bianca Montgomery deserves respect
not this pitiful, lousy train wreck!

A divorce by proxy? Over the phone?
This f*ckery we'll not condone!

Please join us in telling the Powers That Be
That this is what you want to see --

Bianca and Reese together and happy.
Anything less is just plain crappy.

Sign the Twitter Petition here:
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Or you can send a copy of this rhyming couplet rant to Brian Frons in email:


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