Sunday, January 15, 2012

Biancapalooza Countdown * Double Trouble

Question #27

for Chrissie:

Christina and Heather Lind
Are you as profoundly disappointed as we are that your real life, identical twin sister, Heather, is not going to get the opportunity to play Bianca's evil doppelganger?  

Who, of course, has assumed Bianca's identity, established herself as the CEO of Cambius Industries in Paris, taken up with Reese, fraudulently pretended to be Reese in order to divorce Bianca via Blackberry, all the while keeping poor Reese drunk on fine Cabernet and convincing her that both their daughters perished in a freak bunny slope skiing accident at their chalet in Switzerland?  Only to be found out by overly inquisitive, ace lawyer Marissa, leading to an epic confrontation and poor Bianca ultimately stuck with two beautiful women deeply, truly and madly in love with her?

Sarah Glendening
Tamara Braun

Now that would have been one freaking epic storyline, don't ya think?

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