Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Awards Season is Here & We're Nominated

Well, color us surprised! We've been nominated for an award. Can you believe it? We can't. And yet it's true! Those sweet, insightful folks over at TV GUIDE CA have deemed us worthy. We're so humbled, we're so honored, we're so shocked.

We think it's quite hysterical that we're nominated along side Imaginary Bitches & Venice! Oh the irony.... And we're pretty sure there's as much of a chance of us winning that award as there is for a hummingbird to fly to the planet Mars with the Washington Monument tied to its tail.

Anyone But Me
Diary Of A Single Mom
Michael Fairman’s Guiding Light Daytime Emmy Award Tribute (four-minute version)
Imaginary Bitches — A Very Special Emmy Bitches Special
Pratt Falls
Then We Got Help!
Y&R’s Kitty — True Soap Story

Check out all of the 2010 Soap Opera Spirit Award Nominations here.


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