Monday, February 1, 2010

Portia's Top 10 Bianca & Reese Moments #3 & #2

Re-watching all these clips from last year has made me so sad. Angry and sad. There's so much potential for this couple! I could go on and on and rant for days about the injustice done to the show by Pratt's butchering of the characters and -- . No. No, I shall not descend into the morass of evilness that is Pratt's legacy. I shall instead be the Gal at the Crossroads Looking with Hope and High Vision to The Choosing of a New and Better Future. Let us all pray that the new AMC head writers convince TPTB that the show needs Bianca and Reese, because without them, Pine Valley has no heart or soul.

#3 The hug heard 'round the world.

We all knew Bianca and Reese were going to ride off into the sunset together. But who knew they would set a land speed record for quickest reconciliation in the history of soaps? Are these not the two people who got into trouble for --as Eden so aptly put it in our interview -- "not knowing a lick about each other before having a baby together" ? Wouldn't it have made more sense if -- Oops, almost did it again. Trying to insert logic into a world that had none. This moment was filmed post Pratt's hatchet job on Eden. I always kind of saw it as Eden coming back to rescue Tamara and save her from the Pirate-Shirted Menace. Either way -- whether you view it as Bianca and Reese's much deserved, albeit super-speedy, reconciliation, or Eden and Tamara's au revoir to AMC, the emotion was genuine and there was buckets full of it.

#2 I would rather dance.

I don't need to explain the appeal of this to anyone, do I? The dancing? The eye sex? More than the massage and "Get me out of these clothes" - it was this moment that made my panties fly off. And I haven't seen my Straight Card since.

To be continued....


  1. Perfect moments and it was the fastest reconciliation ever. At least they hugged, I thought they were going to shake hands.

    I agree the dance was very intimate.

  2. Right there with you on #2 & #3.....loved loved loved both of those moments. Tamara's cry into Eden's neck gets me every time.

  3. That dance (IMO) was sexier and more intimate than most of the more graphic love scenes that happen on AMC! I believe Eden & Tams demonstrated something in the business that's called *chemistry*. ;)

    And, oh that hug. Poor Tams was really bawling! But then, so was I at that point....

  4. Portia,
    Can we hug it out?

    #3: The one where Eden rescues Tamara from hell.

    *sniff* Memories, light the corners of my mind. Misty watercolored memories, of the way we were...

    Make every day, a Babs day.

    Ellen was here 2010.

  5. You're so right about that about smokin' hot chemistry!*THUD!*

    With you on that hug, too. Eden & Tam so good at expressing the love and the anguish; you'd have to be made of stone to not be reaching for the kleenex every time you watch this. Reminds me of that scene when Reese almost left after Bianca's "test".

  6. So sorry about the videos claiming to be unavailable. Apparently this is a common problem with Blogger. We'd go on more of a rant about it, but since Blogger is free it's hard to complain about it being cheap too. GrrrrArrrgghh.