Thursday, January 28, 2010

Portia's Top 10 Bianca & Reese Moments Part Deux

Did I mention that there wasn't anything remotely scientific or scholarly about these choices? Or that this entire list consists solely of "moments" that left an indelible impression upon me? This list is titled "Top 10 Moments" for a reason, because that's all they are. Perhaps later there will be a "Top 10 Scenes" list. But for now, let's review numbers 6, 5 & 4, shall we? (Please keep commenting, it's wonderful!)

#6 "I can't believe that you threw snow on me."

I'm not sure how to justify this choice! I just loved the absurdity of it. It felt so genuine, and it was a delightful mix of anger and confusion for both Bianca and Erica. Of course, the moment Bianca walked away to go talk to a comatose person instead of hanging around to support her fiance who was having the most important conversation/dreadful argument of her life with her mother on the other side of the door kind of ruined everything. But it was wonderful, for a brief, shining moment.

#5 "Don't you dare touch me."

When I first saw this scene I was watching the YouTube clip on my laptop. Bianca's rage literally shook me to my core. Without thinking I slammed shut my computer and jumped back from the desk shouting "No! No! NO!" And I didn't watch AMC again until Bianca returned for the high speed, no frills reconciliation. Even though the way Pratt chose to break up Bianca and Reese was wrong (and disgusting and awful) on multiple levels, the truth is, Eden and Tamara rocked it. And Eden's choice as an actor to bring every ounce of ferocity she could muster in this moment was brilliant. Because as sweet and wonderful and caring as Bianca is -- well, as Niels Bohr so wisely noted: the opposite of a great truth is also true.

#4 "untitled"

Honest to goodness, I don't shout at the YouTube clips playing on my laptop all that often. Really! But watching this, through my own tears I screamed (yes, screamed) STOP.BREAKING.MY.HEART. Now, keep in mind, I was watching this in May, after Bianca and Reese had long since left for Paris to "work" on their relationship. So I knew it was all going to end "happily." But the combination of Miranda being completely adorable and blissfully unaware of the tragedy going on around her as she played with Gabby's mitten and Reese looking like she'll collapse from the unbearable pain at any moment, followed by a shot of Bianca on the verge of totally losing it -- well, who can blame me for being overwrought?

To be continued . . .


  1. Portia, it's Ellen. I didn't sign in because I'm too furious to waste time on such futile interweb practices. Thanks for the warning about #4 and #5. I thought we talked about this. About my pain. About my inability to watch that crazy banana shit break up from hell.

    Now I'm going to have nightmares about Eden Riegel yelling at me. Thanks P-Dog. Thanks.

    Does posting under "anonymous" make me look fat?

  2. It's Ellen again. I just rewatched #5 because it's so badass.

    Question, dear Portia: Did they make Eden stand in front of a wind machine? Or are we to believe that Bianca was busy decending from the heavens like a vakyrie, preparing to unleash hell fire on Reese "it's all my fault" Williams?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

    Also, I finally figured out what AMC needs to survive: MUPPETS.

  3. I think #5 proves that the AMC writers - if they had an ounce of imagination - could turn Bianca into a superhero with very little trouble. Mild mannered Bianca by day, "It's clobberin' time" avenging Amazon by night. Slaying homophobic preachers, cold-hearted parents, and inappropriately friendly to your fiance brother-in-laws, with a single icy glare.

    Who wouldn't want to watch that?!?

  4. #5 really showed us why Eden and Tamara are Emmy
    award winners. What acting!
    #4 broke my heart and the music playing was a perfect choice.

    #6 was so natural and funny that I thought that it was an ad-lib when I first saw it. I loved Erica saying "You were getting hysterical"

  5. Bianca is one of the few people who can confront Erica and make her regret her actions. I just loved that scene!

  6. I really like your choices so far, any of their moments are awesome, and the acting is just perfect. Indeed both #5 and #4 are moments I cannot forget, even though I was screaming at my screen the whole time. I love all the scenes with Erica and Bianca, it seems as if Erica brings out the Kane woman in Bianca, it's just my opinion though.

  7. If there was ever a moment Bianca was justified in acting like a "Kane woman" it was when Erica surprised them with Claire's visit!! I was disappointed we didn't get to see Bianca rip Mrs. Williams a new one. She was so close to doing it too!

    I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who yells at her screen. Do you throw things too, like Ellen? ;)

  8. Thanks for the clips. I think they are great. I am enjoying the Ellen and Portia comments in this section. You kids have me laughing once again.
    I hope both Eden and Tamara submit the breakup scene from clip #5 for the Daytime Emmy's. I have watched Bianca's story for MANY years and this is the first time I was brought to tears from a soap.
    Awesome acting on both their parts.

    Keep up the good work kids.