Saturday, January 23, 2010

Portia's Top 10 Bianca & Reese Moments

Hi everybody, it's Portia! Wasn't it just recently we had to sit through a million different Top 10 lists related to the new year? And here it is, the end of January and I'm just getting around to mine. Well, some things can't be rushed. And as far as we know, we're not contractually obligated to provide posts with any regularity. We follow the muse, wherever she leads us. And when your muse is the Ever Elusive Internet Free Tamara Braun you have to be resourceful!

Just to be clear -- I, Portia, am solely responsible for this list. Ellen's working on another project. Contrary to popular belief, we don't do everything together. I have, however, invited her to add her own commentary -- either agreeing or disagreeing with me. And I hope you'll do the same! We love getting comments!

So, without further ado . . .

#10 "I still feel so terrible about that."

Reese is talking about being entranced, but it's Eden who gets mesmerized! She totally forgets to say her line. A full 4 seconds go by before Eden realizes she should be talking, not blissfully staring into Reese's eyes. Proving definitively that I am not the only person susceptible to Tam's seductive charms. You can almost smell the smoke from Eden's Straight Card going up in flames.

#9 "I can live without my parents, but I can't live without you."

Remember, oh so many years ago now, Bianca & Maggie's sweet, tender, tentative kisses? Yeah, this is not one of those. This scene, more than any other, made me think "Bianca's all grown up!" I think I cried a little.

#8 "Y'know, you keep doing that and I will do whatever you say."

Did we need further proof that Reese is the Best.Girlfriend.Ever? Not really. I mean when you build someone a house in France, you generally score plenty of points. But Reese not only designs and builds houses in the Loire Valley, she has mad hot foot massage skills. This was the moment I decided I was in love, and that just like Bianca, I too will do whatever Reese says.

#7 "Oh! Well tell me about her then."

My heart was breaking for Reese having to try to explain her confused, closeted past. Her almost desperate need to spill every pitiful detail of her unsatisfying pre-Bianca sex life. And when she realized that Bianca's first time wasn't painful or bad -- ok, yes, I cried again! Why? For Reese's tortured past? For Tamara's amazing acting? No -- because Bianca's past came rushing back. Because every emotion, from wonderful to woeful was playing out on Bianca's face as she remembered Sarah. And for those of us who have been fans of Bianca since -- always, it was an amazing and beautiful moment. BTW, this is why Eden wins Emmys.



  1. I love me some Eden but I always noticed that she seems to forget her lines quite a bit especially back in the day when she had a lot of dialogue.

  2. Oh yeah, she had more dialogue than anybody on the show for a while there! I can't say I ever really noticed her forgetting her lines very often. At least not as obviously as this. And it's not so much forgetting lines as being totally absorbed in the moment and hypnotized by Reese/Tamara!

  3. Loved your picks so far, tho there are so many awesome Breese moments to choose from! Will be hard to choose #1; tough call between the "Get me out of these clothes!" or the Reese in Bianca's lap while they're making out in the suite or.... *THUD!**COMBUSTS* (pile of ashes in shape of smiley face)

  4. I bet I could guess what your Top 10 moments are, Martha!! ;) I chose moments that have really stuck with me over the months. Not necessarily things that would go into a music video... Well, you'll see. There's more to come!

  5. I also felt Reese's hurt when she said "Tell me about her", Tamara's acting was so real and Eden's response was great. However, I thought that Bianca should have offered more understanding to Reese and the moment turned too quickly about Bianca and Reese's feelings were swept away.

  6. You have a point, Anonymous. I frequently felt that Bianca & Reese were shortchanged on the amount of time they got to explore everything that came up. There was so much potential there!

  7. I think it's really hard to pick the best Breese moments, wether they're sad, hot, or funny. In every single scene they've had, we can feel those emotions from both characters, either Bianca struggling with her past, or Reese trying desperatly to show Bianca her love. The way these amazing actresses maganage to convey these specific feelings is what makes this couple, one of those couples that you cannot help but fall in love with. Seriously for me, all of their scenes have something special,and unique. The scene #9 is one of my favourites because of TB's excellent interpretation.
    I am curious as to where you'd place the scene of their break up, cause that's definitely worth an Emmy or two.


  8. great pic they were so in love and it was taken away

  9. i have had a mad love for tamara she is a great woman i got the honer of meeting her and eden ones i told them how there storyline went along with my life witch saved my life and my girlfirend. portia thank you for pointing out some great sexy moments.