Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Official Thanksgiving Post

As so often happens, our plans did not turn out as planned. But we wanted to do a kick ass, gratitude busting post for you.  We just couldn't quite agree on what that would be exactly.  So, in the interest of sharing with you the inner workings of our little blog, here is a transcript of our discussion about an Official Thanksgiving Post.

* * *

PORTIA: Should we do a Thanksgiving post on what we are thankful for?

ELLEN: Sure, why not?

PORTIA: Ok, let's make a list.

ELLEN: #1 - I am grateful for Soap Opera Characters Who Stay Dead.

PORTIA: Can you name one? Besides a character that was 80 years old, played by an actor who was 90 years old and who died in real life and is for real not coming back, even in a dream sequence, because they are, realio trulio dead?

ELLEN: What's your point?

PORTIA: Never mind. What else?

ELLEN: Dobby the House Elf.

PORTIA: Shut up! I haven't seen Deathly Hallows yet!!

ELLEN: Diet Coke.

PORTIA: You are a deeply shallow person, you know that?

ELLEN: Alicia Minshew's hair.

PORTIA: Finally! We agree on something. She has the most awesome head of hair on the planet. It's phenomenal. If we are ever in the same room as Alicia Minshew, promise me you will not let me embarrass myself by trying to touch her hair, because I'm not sure I could resist the temptation.

ELLEN: No worries. You are never going to be in a room with Alicia Minshew and her Awesome Head of Curls.

PORTIA: Why not? It could happen!

ELLEN: Keep dreaming, it's pathetic, but sweet.

PORTIA: Alicia might walk in to the same restaurant where Tamara and I are enjoying a glass of Pinot Noir and a fine cheese platter. And Tam would graciously invite her over to our table.  It could totally happen.

ELLEN: Have you seen the latest photo of Tam?  Unlike you, she is not a woman who has a close personal relationship with dairy products.

PORTIA: You may say that I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.

ELLEN: I am very close to insisting you get professional help.

PORTIA: You think I need help? ME? You're the one who spent 2 days polishing your Ninja Turtle Collection because you plan on bequeathing it to Eden's baby boy. Like she wants your old, disgusting Ninja Turtle toys for her son. Please!

ELLEN: They are in mint condition!

PORTIA: Yeah. Ok, April O'Neil, keep telling yourself that.

ELLEN: Can we finish this list, already? I have things to do.

PORTIA: Well, obviously we need to include our utter gratitude for Chrissie. The Bianca recast was fraught with potential disaster.

ELLEN: So true.

PORTIA: And yet she's been terrific as Bianca.

ELLEN: She would be even more terrific if she ever got an actual storyline.

PORTIA: When are they going to give that girl a chance to show her stuff? She must be chomping at the bit waiting for an opportunity to unleash her hidden Bianca powers.

ELLEN: I bet she's so disappointed at not getting any hot eye sex after 6 months. It's so unfair.

PORTIA: We've tried our best! D & D clearly are unaware of, or are unimpressed by, our thinly veiled threats.

ELLEN: They have no compassion for the havoc they're causing in the Forest of Marginalized Gay Folk. None.

PORTIA: How hard can it be to recast Reese?

ELLEN: All they need is a skinny blond actress with sexy eyes.

PORTIA: You could throw a rock in LA and hit 10 skinny blond actresses without even trying!

ELLEN: Poor Binks.

PORTIA: Poor Chrissie.

ELLEN: Poor us.

PORTIA: GrrrrArrgghhh!

ELLEN: Great now I'm pissed and we're supposed to be talking about what we're grateful for.

PORTIA: You know what? Fuck it.  If Eden and Tam and Chrissie don't know how much we love and adore them by now, they never will. And we don't do what we do for their love and support anyway. We do it because . . . . . .

ELLEN:  Because . . . ?

PORTIA:  Yeah . . . why do we keep doing this?

ELLEN:  Because . . .

PORTIA: . . . Martha would miss us if we stopped.

ELLEN: Definitely, she would.

PORTIA: And, it's an awesome coping mechanism.

ELLEN: So true. Wielding the Hammer at the constant fuckery feels liberating and powerful, even if it's all imaginary.

PORTIA: And we laugh at lot.

ELLEN: We do!

PORTIA: I am so very grateful for that.

ELLEN: Me too. And I thank you.

PORTIA: You're very welcome. I thank you too.

ELLEN: Can we eat pie now?

PORTIA: Wait!! I thought of some one else to add to the list!


PORTIA: Chrishell!


PORTIA: Are you joking me? Why?! Because she totally agreed to pitch a story to D & D about how, when Reese finally returns, Amanda makes a play for her.

ELLEN: Chrishell did not promise to do that.

PORTIA: Sure she did. 

ELLEN: Your gravy's got more than lumps in it.  Seriously, what are you smoking?

PORTIA: Ok, just you wait. There will come a day, when we are all in the same room -- me, you, Real life Disney Princess Eden Riegel and her little Prince Poops-a-Lot, the Ever Elusive Internet Free Tamara Braun, Chrissie the Woefully Lonely, Never-Gonna-Get-to-Play-A-Real-Lesbian Thespian, Alicia Minshew with her Head of Awesome Curls, and Chrishell, decked out in full Julie Newmar Catwoman Glory -- and she will tell you herself.

ELLEN: It will never happen.


ELLEN: Because that much pretty in one room WOULD CAUSE THE UNIVERSE TO EXPLODE!

PORTIA: You have a point.

ELLEN: Where's the pie?

PORTIA: Screw the pie, where's the bourbon?


PS:  For real, we wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Ellen & Portia. I'm so thankful for the two of you(I'd be more than disappointed if you stopped--it would break my heart, but no pressure). And to be mentioned in the same post with "all that pretty"...SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!!! *THUD!!!* *CRASH!!!* "Charge to 300!--CLEAR!" *ZAP* OK, I'm back. LOL