Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bianca-Blow out! + Binks Squared! = *THUD*

Well, we still don't know some essential information about one Ms. Christina Bennett Lind. Like if she prefers cake or pie; who her favorite Disney Princess is; or if she is okay with us calling her Chrissie.  What we do know is, she reads this blog. << insert us doing our happy dance here >>

What's better than NuBinks reading our blog? How about the fact that AlphaBinks apparently stops by for a visit sometimes too!  We submit for your consideration the following Twitter Evidence as received last night in response to the blog post previous to this one (Questions for Chrissie):

Did you read that, people? Chrissie & Eden discussing the relative hotness of Bianca & Heather getting it on.
Yep. That's what you read.  You can thank us later. We accept latkes, any form of dark chocolate and cheese.

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