Friday, November 6, 2009

Interview Questions for the Imaginary Bitches!

While we wait for Chuck Pratt to respond to our offer to purchase creative control of All My Children, we decided to pursue another idea we've been harboring. We figured that since we had such good luck scoring an interview with Eden we should try getting lucky with the legendary Catherine and Heather of Imaginary Bitches fame. So here goes, we'll let you know if they respond as quickly (and wittily) as Eden did...

1. You girls are imaginary, and we're animated. You seem to hate Eden and we adore her. Do you ever fear that if the four of us were in a room together, that the simultaneous wave-like and particle-like behavior of both our matter and radiation would cause us to cancel each other out, thus making us all disappear into a black hole?

2. What do you think it is about Eden that makes her susceptible to being followed around by both imaginary and animated characters?

3. Is Riley really real?

4. We hear there might be an Imaginary Bitches movie and that Anne Hathaway is being talked about for the role of Eden. Who will be cast in your parts?

5. What if Cameron Diaz and Salma Hayek say no?

6. Do you have any plans to show up on Venice Beach and wreak havoc in Crystal Chappell's life?

7. Do you know how to get in touch with the ever elusive, internet free, Tamara Braun? If so, will you tell her we had to turn in our Straight Cards because of her?

8. Who is your favorite Disney Villain?

9. If you met Chuck Pratt in a dark alley, what might you want to say, or do, to him?



  1. Loved it! What a brilliant idea, once again. Can't wait to see what the Bitches have to say!

  2. What? Are the imaginary ladies playing shy?

    Perhaps they think acting this way is an Emmy-worthy performance.
    We've seen Emmy-winning performances; this ain't it.