Sunday, November 1, 2009

Eden Answers!

Well friends, we honestly didn't think it was likely to happen, but Eden has answered our call!! We can't quite believe it, but it's true. We couldn't make this up!

And we have to wonder, does Eden realize what she has done? We already adore her, and now this? It just makes us love her more. And we really didn't think that was possible.

So without further ado, we bring you the

Eden, is filming a scene where a guy, who's supposed to be your brother-in-law, is all up in your junk delivering your baby in the wreckage of a tornado, as awkward as shooting a steamy sex scene with a guy you hardly know or barely like? Wait, have you ever filmed a steamy sex scene with a guy, – ever? Do you think the one steamy sex scene you got with Reese actually counts as steamy considering she was wearing a turtle neck?

The “Steamiest” scene I’ve ever had was with Olga Sosnovska (ex-Lena, who I actually had a dream about last night. Random!) in the steam room after a couples’ yoga class. It included a suggestive shoulder massage, porno music, and literal steam surrounding us, provided by some very happy stagehands on the perimeter of the set. But that scene included no actual lip-locking, if I remember correctly.

I definitely consider the scene with Reese on the bed, even taking into account the turtleneck, the sexiest scene I’ve ever been a part of. C’mon, when she whispers “Get me out of the clothes?!” I think women all over America felt their panties just fly off. Hot. I’ve never had anything in that same ballpark with a male actor in anything I’ve done. My husband would like to keep it that way.

And, yes, you nailed the baby-delivery scene in the wreckage with Bro-in-law Zack as the most awkward and uncomfortable scene I have ever had the displeasure to be involved in. Nothing steamy about your good pal Thorsten getting all up inside your “junk” when you’re sweaty and dirty, and no one has washed your pregnancy-pad/body-suit in days. TMI? It was just nasty. Believe me, between that and getting busy with the lovely Tamara Braun there is no comparison.

Now that you've given birth to two fictional children, what would you say is the toughest part about fictional motherhood?

The stretch marks.

Canadians do it better. Yay or nay?

Yay, yay, yay! Even if they didn’t do it better, they sure do it nicer.

If B
ianca and Reese had had a Jewish wedding, could they have avoided all the subsequent heartache? After all, if Reese had downed a bottle of Manischewitz the night before, as apposed to a bottle of Scotch, the only thing she would have made out with is a bagel with schmeer.

If only Reese were a Jew! It would have saved us so much heartache. But she drank WAY too much to not be a goy. It was the root of a lot of Breese’s problems, I think. That and not knowing a lick about each other before having a baby together. Tamara would totally have made out with a bagel and a schmeer over Zach. The girl loves her carbs.

We understand that the Emmy Award, which each of you are now the proud recipients of, stands 15.5 inches (39 cm) tall with a base diameter of 7.5 inches (19 cm) and weights 88 oz (5.5 pounds or 2.5 kg). Do you ever wonder what potential injuries might be inflicted if someone hurled an Emmy statue in the general direction of a pirate-shirted producer/head writer? We only ask because we wonder about it obsessively.

The year I won the kid who won for Younger actor impaled himself with the statuette on stage and it looked VERY painful. Watch the YouTube of it. I think it will make your imagination run wild!

(( Link to YouTube video ))

In your final appearance on AMC when you reconcile, was this simply a heartfelt reunion hug between Bianca and Reese, or was it in fact Tamara crying tears of joy and relief because Eden promised she'd finally take her away from the bad man?

Totally heartfelt reunion. We’re really that good.

Do you ever brag to your other actor friends about how your combined hotness has caused massive numbers of heterosexual women to turn in their "straight cards"?

I will now!

Follow up -- Has ever contacted you in regards to naming an award in your honor?

Nope. That would be freaking awesome, though. The Riegees? Or the Binkys?

As profoundly frakked up as the Bianca and Reese storyline became, did you remain thankful that the physical relationship between the characters was never limited to baking cookies and holding hands in church?

Yes. I think the show was very brave and that it was a sign we’ve made amazing strides. It was really cool to experience first-hand the evolution from practically having to get approval for a peck on the cheek to being able to be totally free physically with one another, just like any hetero couple on the show. I was so happy to be able to tell our love story without physical boundaries.

and our final question:

We know that you both have legions of devoted, loving, faithful fans - have any of them ever done anything that compares to the utter absurdity of PRATT FALLS?

Not even close! I’m telling you I was close to tears when I saw Episode 1. I have never felt so supported in my life. I turned to Andrew and said, “Who are these crazy geniuses?!”



  1. Eden always gives great interviews, but I think this has to be the best interview I've ever read! How sweet of Eden for answering your questions. Ellen & Portia Rock! It's cool knowing that I chatted with you on the board before you both became famous!

  2. What an awesome interview! Great questions and LMAO at the answers(though still wondering about Eden's favorite Disney princess). Just when we think we couldn't possibly love Emmy Award Winner Eden Riegel more...well, humor, talent, brains, a heart of gold(not to mention that 15.5" statuette), and did we mention the smoking hotness...what's not to love?SQUEEEEEEEEDEN!

    Thanks Eden, Ellen & Portia!!!

  3. It was very thoughtful and lovely, that one of our favourite Emmy Award Actress agreed to do this brilliant interview, for our favourite animated, hot, sexy and smart ladies, Ellen and Portia!! Damn, who can resist them, gotta love them!!! Loved the clever questions and the funny answers! THANKS LADIES, YOU ROCK!!!!! The BLOG IS THE BEST !!!

  4. Continuing to enjoy each and every blog....and now that Eden says she won't be back on AMC it is helping keep Breese alive.....PRATT IS AN ASS

  5. Great interview and great questions! You two are are HILARIOUS!