Monday, October 5, 2009

Hello World, Welcome to Pratt Falls!

WE have decided that our lives, being the complete and utter wrecks that they are, can only be improved by adding ever more distractions and diversions. What better way to keep us from facing life's real demands than be delving deeper into the insane, alternate universes known as "All My Children" & "AMC: Pratt Falls."

WE assume that if you have arrived at this blog it is because you are already familiar with our YouTube oeuvre and know that we are minor internet celebrities and the self-proclaimed Defenders & Protectors of Eden Riegel & Tamara Braun.

IT is our sincere hope that we can offer you, the former fans of AMC, a place to come and share a laugh, feel solidarity with those who have been betrayed, and heap scorn on the asshats responsible for the destruction of our beloved characters, Bianca & Reese.

Thanks for stopping by, we'll be posting more soon. Remember -
A Fan Without Hope Is A Fan Without Fear!

Ellen & Portia

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