Monday, October 19, 2009

Ready for a Walk down Memory Lane?

Dear fans and friends of PRATT FALLS, we invite you to join us for the

"It Was My Fault"
Fiasco Derby

With the help of the numerous fans who re-capped, re-uploaded, and re-evaluated their lives during the brief bittersweet months of Bianca & Reese's story, we will boldly go where Breese Nation has obsessively gone before.

We hope you'll join us as we over-analyze, hyper-critique, ridicule, praise, bemoan, bitch and celebrate the wondrous and frustrating relationship that was Breese.

Our goal is to re-watch every YouTube clip of Bianca & Reese from Binks' first appearance on October 20, 2008 all the way through to the bitter end ... or until we just can't take it anymore, and we collapse in a fetal position weeping on the floor. Whichever comes first.

Count along as we document the number of times Bianca and/or Reese proclaim some variation of "It was my fault." Who knew when Pratt took over as Producer/Head Writer that his strategy for success would hinge on blaming his failures on others?

Storyline not working? Characters acting uncharacteristically? Plots full of holes? Don't fault the writers! Let Bianca & Reese take the blame. A solution which has a bonus -- it means neither Ryan nor Zach have to apologize for their asinine, douche-bag behavior, ever!

Yes, that tornado Pratt brought us last October was just a thinly veiled metaphor to let us loyal AMC fans know that the winds of change were coming. And, as is so often the case with tornadoes, the force of that wind has caused seemingly trivial things to become deadly projectiles.

Drop by tomorrow and join the fun! We'll save a seat on the couch for you.

Ellen & Portia


  1. I'm looking forward to sharing this walk down memory lane with you but I refuse to rewatch any of the episodes where Zach puts his hands on Reese. My stomach can't take reliving those scenes.

  2. We promise to provide fair warning when offensive, inappropriate and otherwise icky Zach related touching occurs. GrrrArrgghhh.